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The Knowledge Hub Limited Liability Company is an international development consulting firm based in Osaka city of Japan, offering an expert solution for Japan’s official development assistance (ODA) project management, for government-subsidized overseas business development, and for public relations and creatives.

What an ‘international development consultant’ is

An ODA project is a governmental agreement between a donor country and an aid-recipient country. But this does not mean that the donor government has to send its staff to the recipient country to carry out the assistance activities on the ground. Common practice is rather to outsource the implementation to an agent selected through a set bidding procedure. A professional or a company, if his business is dedicated to undertaking the ODA activities supervised by a governmental- or intergovernmental development agency, is called an ‘international development consultant’, or an ‘ODA consultant’.

The ODA business covers wide range of industrial sectors, and so does the expertise required for international development consultants, from civil engineering and construction, infrastructure development, to the health, environment, agriculture, forestry and fishery, and the recovery from wars and disasters. Among them, our consulting service focuses on jobs and human resources -- that is, education, labor and development, employment promotion, policy formulation and advice for industrial human resource development, and vocational training.

How Japan’s Official Development Assistance (ODA)
Projects for Developing Countries Work

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Why Knowledge Hub has an advantage

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1 Geographical advantage of one of few Kansai-based International Development Consulting Firms

Unlike other Japanese ODA consulting firms many of which are headquartered in Japan’s capital city of Tokyo, we the Knowledge Hub operates from the city of Osaka, the capital of Japan’s second-most populated Kansai region.

The reason for us to be based in Osaka so is twofold. First, more and more ODA projects implemented by international development consultants are in partnership with Japanese domestic partners - private companies, non-governmental organizations, and academic institutions - many of which have their bases outside of Tokyo. Second, opportunities are rapidly expanding for Kansai-based companies to utilize their regional assets and resources for the ODA activities, increasing the demand for more ODA consultants to be based in Kansai’s capital of Osaka and facilitate the companies’ access to the world.

The Kansai region is home to many world-renowned Japanese enterprises and international business willing to expand their activities overseas, and to outstanding international relations graduate schools producing competent professionals to the world.

Exploiting the Kansai’s geographical advantage as a hub of business and of Japan’s busiest air transport, and making the best use of the rich human resources available in the region, we want to be a hub of partnership between industries, government, and academics. We want to be a gateway between our customers and our human network overseas. As an international development consulting firm based in Osaka, we believe that the Knowledge Hub’s activities can create a tide in Kansai that turns Japan and the world better.

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2 Professional networks in Japan and overseas

Our strategic asset is our government – industry-academic partner network in Japan and in developing countries, which our members have established through years of activities in international development. For each ODA project, we can tailor an optimal expert team, and provide our customers with our knowledge and expertise to find solutions to international development challenges.

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3 Advantage of being a Limited Liability Company

For our service to stay affordable in price and responsive to customers’ needs, we adhere to a management style to own less, that is, to have a small number of competent professionals take on multiple tasks and keep the size of our team as slim as possible.

International development consultants work across borders, changing home and changing workplace. Teamwork, therefore, is critical for a company to manage a group of consultants working across the globe. Having a limited number of competent and committed professionals, or ‘a selected few’, allows us to ensure such teamwork and accountability to our customers. We trust the excellence of our selected few members, and for this reason, the Knowledge Hub is a limited liability company whose management entirely depends on the competency and commitment from its members.