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Day-to-day, we hear from governments, non-governmental organizations, and enterprises in developing countries requesting our service. The most frequent request is for us to coordinate the official assistance from the Japanese government, followed by the request for arranging a partnership and corporate social responsibility activities with Japanese companies and academic institutions. If the request meets our own management policy, we the Knowledge Hub will regard the requested activities as our own CSR efforts and will take on their implementation.

Key CSR activities
the Knowledge Hub took part in

Outline of activities Coordination of short-term training at a Japanese welding training institution, inviting vocational training organization staff from India. Our activities were the arrangement of schedule and visas, and financial support for interpreters and training.
Partners ●Japan Welding Technology Center (Kawasaki city, Japan)
●Premier Center for Competency Training (Chennai city, India)
Duration of training Two weeks in July 2016
Photos Photos Photos Photos

Photographed by Japan Welding Technology Center