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Giving Shape To Your Ideas:
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With her 20 years of career in media writing and editing, our PR Director will team up with optimal external partners and will assist you from the planning to the production of public relations tools, advertisements, homepage contents, and the articles for media coverage. The Director is fluent in English; other experts we have can respond to your request for, but not limited to, English, Spanish, French, Hindu, and Burmese.

We look forward to
your inquiries and requests
for our service, particularly
in the following.

icon Production of media tools for overseas public relations or marketing, for government entities and enterprises.
icon Creation of public relations strategy and contents for educational organizations, to call for prospective students and to promote the employment of their students.
icon Preparation of media tools for rural development.
icon Planning of the product and service advertisements for the audience in Japan; the writing of media articles.