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Overseas Business Development for Japanese Companies

We assist Japanese companies in expanding their business overseas. In doing so, we utilize our human network abroad and the subsidies offered by Japanese government agencies. Such subsidies include JICA’s Support for Japanese Small and Medium Enterprises Overseas Business Development, JICA’s studies on potential business that could provide solutions to development challenges overseas (so-called the ‘Feasibility Survey for Sustainable Development Goals Business’), and a program offered by Japan’s Small and Medium Enterprise Agency for strategic overseas business development by Japanese entities (‘Feasibility Study Support Program’).

(Please note that the applications for these subsidies are not open throughout the year, and that document preparation, selection process, and reporting duties for and after the application often require significant time and energy.)

NEWS For our prospective partner companies interested in the management and recycling of waste, and in disaster prevention technologies,

An Indian company in Chennai is seeking a technology partnership with Japanese enterprises.

If you are interested in test-manufacturing and marketing Japanese technology in India, please do not hesitate to contact the Knowledge Hub.